PROJECT ELECTROLEX - (edited dec 10, 2018)

The electric DAF project tastes like more, let's do a moped for a change. A Solex of course, my first motorised love!

might as well take that rubbish ''westerterp'' version, 20 km/h miniaturised 5000 model for dutch law of 1978.

48V-350W hub engine from a chinese electric scooter with NL type approval

According to the RDW (state transportation institute) it is allowed to use earlier approved parts to convert another vehicle. This set originates therefore from a scrapped chinese scooter with dutch approval no so that must be ok. The Solex already had a blue license plate for a helmet-free moped (25 km/u under current dutch law) so they only would have to change the fuel type on the papers.

petrol engine removed, can be recycled on a spare fullsize 5000 frame i have.

Of course it wouldn't be a Solex without front wheel drive so that is where the hub will be placed. Easy peasy.

beginners luck: the original Solex tyre fits this rim (12"x2.5)

making the front fork 5 cm wider, easy with a Solex (all bolted)

a welded lug for the drum brake anchor point.

ordered the battery, 48V 20 Ah - LiFePO4 of course. The original chinaped could run 65 km on that charge. This flimsy bike is half the weight so there may be even more in store. And of course you can still pedal home on this one. Although the whole excercise is to prevent than misery in future. Electrics should be more reliable.

Above the front wheel all electrickery can be stowed away, in a hollow fake Solex engine to keep the original design/image. Batterybox can go on the back. Light bulbs have to be changed to 48V that saves the DC-DC coverter which only breaks down.


Electron regulator (chinese assembly...) and brake handle; Front wing annex mounting base with the controller. So far so good.

two cheap imitation flywheel caps connected with a thin alu plate = fake engine.

Controller sits across the wheel inside the covers, enough space for other stuff like an ''ignition'' lock.

After some delay the battery and charger arrived. Looks nice, assembled a connector and mounted the whole box on the back. Looks a bit like a pizza-scooter!

batterypack charger on

First test, it runs backwards! Couldn't change the controller setting (self learning - not really) so turned the wheel around, no sweat. Another brake anchor lug later and we are back in business.

It runs really well, very quick accelerating like every electric vehicle. Although the NL-RDW restriction can clearly be felt, it stops at a certain speed and still 1/3 of travel left on the accelerator.

fake news its really true: Electrolex #1!

Still have to solve the lights and order a number plate (never bothered to get one for this useless thing), then the test driving can start.

number plate fitted, battery camouflaged new tube with 90deg valve

Bodged 48V light bulbs using some old 24V mini bulbs i still had:

old bulbs RIP 2x 24V bodged in an E10 socket - plug and play

Adapted the wiring and isolated all from ground to prevent sparks flying around!

yup it works.

Now i have to wait for better weather, seems like the winter is 2 months longer these days. Global warming? Not here anyway...


Here we go!

Cold but sunny during the easter weekend, hit the road with the contraption. Ran for 4 km then the engine died. Even gave a lot of resistance so i couldn't pedal it home but had to push... aaargh. had my exercise for today. ''Out of fuel?'' someone asked... he wouldn't believe the truth if i told him ;-)

well well, molten chinese cables? That is strange it has a current limiter onboard.

aha, they melted on the hot box edge, allright that can be fixed and rerouted.

One more round around the block, a bit closer to home this time. All goes well, speed is rather low (23 km/h max, 21 km/h average). So even running on electrons it is still a ''westerterp'' lemon! That can be improved.

Always funny to experience the total silence of EV's, strolling people are less disturbed by it but small dogs dont know what they see and start barking frantically. On the tip of the shoe with those bloody mutts!!

Long free weekend, let's try some more distance - also with a new nonresticted regulator straight from China. That was a great success, in total 52 km and still only 0.5V below max level. This might be VERY economical transport indeed. Absolutely noiseless, extreme acceleration and pulling power uphill and against the wind. Most of the noise comes from the original freewheel... this is addictive :-)

2 wheeled lithiumpower, one way or another.

Try to get to work with the thing:

indoor solexparking, no need for recharging

No probem at all, more then enough capacity and average speed of 30 km/h like every solex. This is real fun!


(to be continued)

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